AI-Created Cold Outreach: Custom Solutions Tailored for You
  • 4.2% Average Reply Rate: AI-Created Cold Outreach
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5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Cold Outreach Campaign
Step 1
Our AI will conduct an interview to learn about your business, your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), their challenges, your solutions, and the value you offer. Utilizing this information, the AI will craft a personalized text message
Step 2
AI Sets Up and Warms Up Mailboxes

The AI registers a new domain similar to yours (e.g.,, .tech, or .pro) and redirects all traffic to your main domain to safeguard its security. Within this new domain, the AI configures email authentication standards, including DMARC, SPF, and DKIM. Following the domain purchase, the AI creates email inboxes and initiates a warm-up process for cold outreach

Step 3
Selecting Your ICP from 265 Million Contacts
We utilize leading platforms in the industry such as Bambora, Apollo, ZoomInfo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to access a vast database of over 265 million contacts. With more than 65 filters at our disposal, our AI meticulously prospects to ensure no potential lead is overlooked
Step 4

AI Crafts and Sends Tailored Emails

Our AI technology drafts compelling, highly personalized email sequences that improve through self-optimization. It then sends these emails on your behalf, with your name as the sender, ensuring a personal touch in every communication

Step 5
Notification of Positive Responses

Whenever your prospects respond positively, the AI will immediately notify you, furnishing all pertinent information about the prospect. This ensures you're always informed and ready to take the next step

4.2% Average Reply Rate: AI-Created Cold Outreach
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